Computer Programming

Over the years, man has been able to invent so many devices, ideas, tools e.t.c . Each of these inventions has come to have its effect on the day to day running of our lives (especially mine). From technology’s daily advancement to biology’s unending stream of discovery about our health, each of man’s effort to better living is seemingly succeeding (or maybe not).

However, there is no single invention of man that could have as much impact as the COMPUTER can or will ever (abi, na lie?). It’s really painful how most people fail to grasp the POWER, the BEAUTY and the AWESOMENESS which comes with having a computer in front of you. The vastness, all-encompassing ability and the unending possibilities embedded within a computer is just unimaginable. These and many more are some of the perks of getting to know the computer a lot better.

Now, imagine this power being at your disposal. Imagine being able to effect the day to day running of the world. Imagine being beautiful. Imagine AWESOMENESS. This is what the computer gives to you. It gives you that power; that drive to be outstanding; to freely harness the services of the world’s most powerful tool at your finger tips and whenever you want to. Once again, imagine AWESOMENESS. The computer is indeed the WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL TOOL.

Harnessing the Power of the Computer

Most online articles or books will tell you Computer Programming is “ the process of entering specific codes into the computer for it to follow” or “Computer programming involves the rendition of codes into a computer by using the compiler and getting results via the virtual machine” or even “Computer programming is …“ . These definitions although correct usually seem too ambiguous for beginners in the field. They do not (the definitions) seem to mention the fun part of Computer Programming(and this is usually why most people initially journey into programming) .

This is why when I get asked what computer programming is, I always reply “Computer Programming is the art of harnessing the POWER of the computer. It is harnessing the Beauty, the Power, the ability of the computer. It is being AWESOME.”   That my friend is exactly what computer programming is all about. AWESOMENESS .

One of the most basic questions i get asked when i introduce a person to programming is “Why? Why do I need to learn how to code? Why should i waste my precious time on something i can’t really get to use? …”

I always answer this question with “Look around you. Show me anything (man – made) around you that does not run on a computer or better with a computer. Anything at all”

It so happens that every time I answer this question, I get amazed at how little an awareness we have about the things we could do to with a computer.

We all claim we want Nigeria to be one of the most developed countries in the world. However, Nigeria can only become a developed country and start earning enormous foreign exchange from knowledge based economy if we pursue the policy of a software development using appropriate tools. The age of ignorance as an excuse is gone. The age of unemployed graduates could well be over if we try to move with the world in the software technology. The age of a digital Nigeria is here.

This is why I (and a couple of other people) have come together to bring about a revolution in software development in this country. We have tasked ourselves with educating as many young or old people as possible. We want to present Nigeria to the world in a way it has never been seen. If you do want to be part of the family, you are free to join us.

The Nigeria of tomorrow is now.



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