Why We Exist ?




Hello World,

I was born a programmer — Okay , Maybe thats a lie.

I am not really a fan of long stories so am going to get straight to the point.

There are 3 things i love most in this world.

  1. “123@H'”  — Don’t ask me what it means
  2. Programming
  3. Python  Programming
  4. Teaching Programing
  5. Talking About Programming

Now , when i got into tertiary school, i met some very bad-ass  programmers, Mustopha of  https://t.co/FIL7IZ6QOG , Micheal, Sao Payne, the guys from IEEE OAU and the lots. These guys are really good guys. I was happy.

However there was something missing. Python. They weren’t doing Python. I went around searching for a Python community on campus but really couldn’t find any.

That was when the idea came to me. Why not start a python club. A place where Python is the center. A ‘python-centric ‘ society (Thank you Shabash for the word). Basically, the group is set up to do the following:

  1. Discuss Python
  2. Promote Python
  3. Provide Help with Python Problems
  4. Chicken Chicken Chicken
  5. Host the first ever PyCon Nigeria (Yes, We will)

Yes. Thats what we basically are for . If you were expecting a lengthy  quote-filled essay on why exists, am sorry to disappoint you.

Thank you.


E se




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