Been A While


>>Its been a while since we were here last.

Its been a while since we posted anything here last.

Reading, school,exams,tests,girlfriends,boyfriends had most of us preoccupied.

The bolder excuses apply mainly to

  • Jeremiah
  • Morufat
  • Bash
  • The other Boy/Girlfriend laden members in the club.

But i digress.

While we were away, a lot happen. A whole lot happened.

  1. We had our first meetup. Yayyyy.

On that day, we:

  • Met new members.
  • Received a lecture from Mr Akinboboye  on the topic “Why I love Python”
  • Had a quick seminars on building a simple personal website.
  • Received another lecture from Mr Micheal on the topic “Raspberry Pi”
  • Then we finally received a lecture from Miss Sakirah on the topic “Coding as a girl”

The turn out was way more than what we expected so we really appreciate everyone who was able to make it. #PythonClub thanks you.

2.We’ve got members going for #DJangoGirls  Lagos.

The DJangoGirls Lagos event coming up on the 20th of February is a big deal to any active female Python programmer in the country. This doesn’t leave out PythonClub.  In anticipation of the event, a number of our girls are going for the #DJangoGirlsLAG event.  Thumbs up to you guys.

In the hope of keep this as short as possible, we apologize once again for being away.




Turn On The Creativity.






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